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About Pavilio, what is Super Delivery?

Pavilio is a lace tape brand created by a collaboration between a sticker printing company "FORWATEC JAPAN CORP." in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous as a manufacturing town, and a design office "Trigon Graphics Service Ltd." in Tokyo.
Lace tape is useful in various scenes such as wrapping and scrapbooking. The features are original and delicate cutting, and colorful design.

Pavilio has opened a store in Super Delivery!
Super delivery has become a wholesale and purchasing site, and is widely used by apparel, retail stores, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.
The "SD export" service, which can be sold not only in Japan but also overseas, will take care of all the complicated export procedures. You will be able to handle Pavilio in your store more conveniently and comfortably.

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WHITE / GBR "Delicate cutting that no one can imitate"

The delicate lace tape that has been finely cut to the inside is Pavilio's unique technology that has been cultivated over many years.
The "WHITE" and "GBR" series have wide tape widths of 47mm and 70mm, so they are recommended not only for wrapping but also for interior decoration. Since it is made of PP (polypropylene) material, it can keep and paste a beautiful shape even though the line wi dth is as thin as about 1 mm.


PALETTE SERIES "Not only for special days, but for everyday life"

The 15mm series is attractive for its fine cuts, so the tape wid th is perfect for everyday use.
The "PALETTE" series, which has a cute pale and clear color, and the "PALETTE SECHEES" series, which has a grayish color that is easy to adapt to various things, are useful in familiar scenes such as decoration of notebooks and greeting cards.

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JAPONISM "Enjoying the uniqueness of Japan"

There are currently about 130 types of Pavilio tapes. Inspired by the history and culture of various countries, new designs are born again today.
Among them, "JAPONISM", "Tsubaki / Ume / Aoi ", "STANDARD-ASANOHA-" and "TRAVEL-KYOTO-" are unique to Japanese brands. I hope you can feel and enjoy Japoni sme.

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